You place significant value on the relationship with your employees. We can collaborate with you to maximize that value.

At the University of Alabama Human Resources Institute, our mission is to help employees and organizations thrive by finding the ideal relationship between the two. We bring together faculty and students to address the issues you face every day. In the process, we can make your organization more effective, conduct the research that will shape the future of HR, and give our students opportunities to prepare them for a successful career in HR.

We have a team that is recognized worldwide for its HR expertise…

We have the expertise to apply cutting-edge research methods to address the concerns of your organization. We’ve assembled a team of faculty and students that are thought leaders in the field of HR and among the most productive in the country. Plus, we offer years of valuable experience in the classroom that can translate into tailor-made training for your executives, managers, first-line supervisors, and employees.

… with a grounding in real-world experience and…

To add value, our research must be grounded in the experiences you face daily. An Executive Director leads us with 35 years of executive HR experience. He’s seen it all and helps ensure every project is grounded in the realities that HR managers and executives face daily. We couple the expertise of our faculty with the energy of our students. And when we look for students to work on projects, we look for students with consulting experience and develop their project management skills along the way.

… scalable expertise to address whatever concern you may have.

We know that HR concerns aren’t always limited to HR issues. One of the great things about working at the Capstone is additional expertise is just a building away. Our Management Department has experts in communication, health care, entrepreneurship, and business strategy. Within the Culverhouse College of Commerce, we can call on experts in accounting, labor economics, finance, marketing, and operations management. We have a nationally-ranked law school and can draw on faculty from psychology, communication, engineering, or just about any other area of expertise you need.


Dr. Jef Naidoo
Interim Department Head of Management
Culverhouse College of Business

Phone: (205) 348-5869